If you are looking to buy a home, the first thing to think about is:


There are many reasons for buying a home, is it to live in, rent out or buy and sell as an investment? All are great reasons, the why will help you know how and what??

Important before the How and What:

Get a Pre-approval!!! This is bar none the absolute most important first step! You can not get to the next step until you know if you can even purchase a home. In today’s financial system you need to prove income, debt and down payment source before it can be determined what and if you can take that next step in purchasing. A Great Mortgage Broker will help you with that, we have the knowledge to assist you and pace you through all that is needed from start to finish.


Find yourself a great realtor and know not all are made alike. Word of mouth, past dealings with one or if not sure check out some real estate websites and individual profiles. Then interview, choose and stick with the one you choose for your purchase, they are there to assist you throughout the purchase process. Yes, sometimes you may pick the wrong one, they can be fired you know. Comfort and confidence go along way it making the transaction pleasant and streamlined.


What type of property are you looking for, location and of course price. Some of this will be dependent on whether you are going to live in the property or rent it out. A good realtor will assist you with that if they know the market you are looking in and they are current with that market. Your decision could very well depend on investment as well as lifestyle. Are you looking for a fixer upper or fully developed and ready to move into. Do you have the time for renovations if they are needed, building a fence and landscaping if buying a new home?? These are extremely important questions to ask yourself.

Mortgage Alliance Advance Mortgage is your first stop, we will get you to the next!!!

Brenda MacKay