Steps to Obtaining a Mortgage

If you have been curious about the process in getting a new mortgage then this blog should answer some of the questions you may have!

1)Speak to a Mortgage Broker about obtaining a pre-approval. Remember a pre-approval only gives you a general idea of the price range you should be shopping in. It can also hold an interest rate for you while you search for your home.

2)Once your Mortgage Broker has given you your pre-approval you can now contact your realtor about starting the search for your home.

3)When you have found a house you want to purchase and an offer is in place you can contact your Mortgage Broker to begin the formal approval process.

4)Your Mortgage Broker will then provide the property information to the chosen lender. The lender will then review the information. They will ask for documentation to support the information that has been provided. Your Mortgage Broker will walk you through what you need to supply. These items may include but are not limited to,
– A current pay stub – A job letter – Tax related documentation
– Verification of your down payment

5)When all documentation has been supplied to your Mortgage Broker and reviewed by the lender, the lender will advise if the financing condition can be removed from your offer.

6)Your Mortgage Broker will make arrangements for you to sign any documents with them and the lender. They will also require the information for your Lawyer. Your Lawyer will be sent any necessary information and you will need to sign the paperwork they have.

7)When all these steps have been completed your mortgage will be ready to go for move in day!

Jessica Bartolf
Jessica Mortgage Broker Red Deer