We are beginning a series on The Approval Process- Step By Step – this is Episode #1 explaining the initial appointment.

You call into our office to set an appointment to receive a pre-approval, we set that appointment and give you a list of important documentation to bring with you so we can better determine your situation and how we can assist. We will ask you what you are looking to do, is it a first time home purchase, are you selling an existing, are you buying a revenue property and so forth. We need to know who you work for, how long you have been at your job, how are you paid, are you an employee or are you self employed or contract, the position you hold at your job.

Then we go further into your situation by processing an application with your personal information onto the application and if necessary at that time pulling a credit bureau to determine debt and your credit rating. As a professional mortgage broker team we will explain each step in full detail so you understand what is happening along the way. You may not be buying right away and if that is the case we determine how far we need to go with your application based on your plans for a purchase. This is the best time to discuss your options based on what is going on with your income, debt and credit rating as these are the 3 major components of getting an approval for your purchase. You are in control of how much you feel you need to know to proceed and we assist along the way. This appointment can also just be a consultation as you may not be ready just yet however want to know what you need to do when it is time to purchase. That is what we are here for and will assist you each Step of the way.