The most important thing we can stress to homeowners when it comes to their mortgage renewal is to not just simply believe that your current lender is offering you the most competitive rates. Many people like to keep things simple and just get that off the list of things to do as quickly as possible. But rushing into your mortgage renewal could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

We encourage homeowners to always check with a broker to find out what the current most competitive rates are. Most often our clients are amazed at the difference between their current lenders offer and what we are able to offer them. It may take you a small amount of time to find this out but we do most the work and as far as we are concerned it is time well spent to make sure you keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

Contact Brenda or Jessica at Mortgage Alliance Advance Mortgage. It costs you nothing to take advantage of our professional advice and knowledge of current rates. We want to help you get the right mortgage and a great deal!