Your Mortgage is APPROVED!!! Now What?

Advance Mortgage calls you to advise your mortgage has been approved and we need you to come in and sign the Commitment Letter, what is that? The commitment is the agreement the lender sends once they have a conditional approval for your mortgage, it spells out the terms and conditions of the approval including the agreed to rate, term and other items they require to complete. When we have you in, Advance Mortgage Brokers in Red Deer will discuss in detail what that commitment states so you understand before you sign what the terms of your mortgage will be. It is a very important step in the process and needs to be done along with removing any conditions the lender may still ask for in order to get firm unconditional approval for your mortgage. This needs to be done before you can remove your financing conditions that are on your offer to purchase. This commitment stage is used for mortgages, new purchases, secured lines of credit, refinances , renewals and much more. Call your Mortgage Brokers in Red Deer at Advance Mortgage 403-347-0774