Why do you need to use a Property Inspector and what do they do!!! Most realtors will advise you have your property inspected as there could be issues with the property that only a fully trained professional inspector will find or even know where to look. There will always be wear and tear with an existing home, that we expect and understand. Although the inspector will address those, the real ones to be concerned are major relating to but not limited to electrical, plumbing, structure, leaks, drainage, roofs, and so on. Your inspector will be in the property for about 4 hours and will do a thorough exam from top to bottom and then go over that report with you to explain. It is imperative you use an inspector, ask your realtor to refer one to you as they are your best avenue in that they know the best ones!!! Not using one could incur huge costs down the road if there are issues that could have been addressed at purchase time. Lots of times there will be negotiating done to facilitate any costs relating to any repair that may need to be done if something is found as a problem

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