When it comes to buying a home down payment is one of the most important aspects. Lenders have specific guidelines as to what they will accept when it comes to verifying down payment.

They always require a 90 day history on any funds being used for down payment. If any large deposits or acquisitions have taken place within that 90 day window we are required to verify the source of those funds. Usually the 90 day history is easily verified through a bank statement. This bank statement must contain the home buyers name and a complete transaction record. If the funds have been transferred from another account then a statement from that account would be required as well. If a home buyers down payment is coming from a gift from an immediate family member then we require a signed gift letter from that family member and proof the funds are in the home buyers possession.

Of course there are unique situations that sometimes require different proof of down payment but in most cases this is what is required.

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