Things are moving along, you have placed your offer, your mortgage is all approved, now what. Now is the relax time, enjoy the great thoughts about moving into your home. The paperwork is done for now.

The next step is signing the legal mortgage documents at the lawyer. About 7-10 days prior to possession day your lawyer will call you to set an appointment to sign the legal documents which must be done at least 3-4 days prior to possession. They will advise you to bring in a bank draft or certified cheque for the amount of the rest of the down payment and all closing costs which will include but not limited to the lawyer fee, pro-rated property taxes if applicable, title insurance etc. You also need to be sure you have sent to your lawyer proof of fire insurance as the lawyer can not release the funds unless fire insurance is in place as at closing. After that it is a wait time for possession at which time the lawyer will receive the funds from the lender, send over to the sellers lawyer who at that time, once received, will release the keys to the client or the client’s realtor. Now, you move and ENJOY!!!
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